Sunday, June 28, 2009

That's all for now!

Well the puppies will soon be going to their new homes so our blog will slow down for a while. We hope that you have enjoyed watching these beautiful puppies grow. We wish them all long and healthy lives with lots of love and yummy doggie treats. One of those sweet little girls will be staying here with us. We will post some pictures soon on which one she is! We will keep the blog going and post occasionally some pictures of our dogs and dogs from our kennel, but the frequency of postings will likely not be too great. Hopefully next spring, yes that is 2010, we will be blessed with one or maybe even two new litters of Leo puppies. We already can't wait for those special puppies to arrive! I am sure they will be too cute, just like these special puppies! So stay tuned and we hope you will join us back next year for our new puppy adventures!

The fabulous five are eight weeks old!

The puppies had another great week. They have been exploring the big world and have started going for daily walks down the lane way. They wonder what new adventures are coming their way? The puppies have had a number of visitors this week and are always ready for new friends to come and play with them. They have been playing with all the older dogs too and think that is quite the treat! The puppies are pictured again from top to bottom red girl, pink girl, yellow girl, green boy and purple boy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The puppies are growing up!

The puppies are sure growing up. They are now developing their little personalities and becoming real individuals. Red girl is sweet and quiet, pink girl loves to climb up on the chairs and is spunky and fun, yellow girl is very silly and loves to chew on her plastic toys, green boy is a little more regal and loves the kids and purple just loves everything and is very funny! They are all wonderful puppies, we sure are going to miss them when they go to their new homes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The puppies and kids playing together!

Mud mud and more mud!

The weather we have been having has been rainy, hot and so humid, it feels almost like living in a rain forest. The puppies don't like the heat at all and their ten little front paws, plus mom's big two front paws are very effective at digging up the grass to find the nice cool mud underneath! Of course where the puppies go my littlest helper follows, so she is also found playing in the mud!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The fabulous five are seven weeks old!

The puppies are now seven weeks old!  We can't believe how fast the time goes by. They are absolutely wonderful puppies, we think they are just the cutest! In case you can't tell them apart yet, the puppies from top to bottom are red girl, pink girl, yellow girl, green boy and purple boy!

How sweet are we?

Can you imagine anything sweeter than a 7 week old Leo pup? They are just too cute with the sweetest little faces. The puppies from top to bottom are red girl, pink girl, yellow girl, green boy and purple boy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The fur is flying!

When puppies are about 6 to 8 weeks old their moms start to lose their fur, and I don't mean just a little, but big clumps of fur come out until they look like a short coated breed! Priscilla is just starting this and you can see some clumps of fur coming off her.   There is a little tuft right by her foot.  This is normal and a response to having the puppies, but the moms do look quite unsightly for a while! So next time mom Priscilla is in a photo she might not have so much fur!

Get ready get set and go!

The puppies are getting faster everyday. They can now easily outrun my littlest helper. They are quite happy to chase the kids around the puppy yard, but you have to be careful or they will get under your feet and trip you! My big helper can still outrun them, but not for long! Soon they will be even faster than he is. 

Photo 1 - Get ready get set.
Photo 2 - Go - the race is on.
Photo 3 - Around the lap almost to the finish line.
Photo 4 - The finish.
Photo 5 - The fall down and puppy huddle!


The family resting in the shade.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Puppy are you hungry?

After the puppies had finished their lunch, my little helper thought they might need some more. Pinky was having a little nap while the other pups were still hanging out near the food bowls.  So the events that took place next are as follows:

Photo 1 - I'll take that please, pinky might need some more dinner.
Photo 2 - Here I come pinky.
Photo 3 - Here you go pinky have some yummy food.
Photo 4 - Okay then, I'll show you how to get the food from the bowl.
Photo 5 - Well if that doesn't work I guess I'll just have to feed you one piece of kibble at a time!

Too cute!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The fabulous five are six weeks old!

Here they are at 6 weeks of age! The puppies got brushed today and had their toe nails all trimmed just in time to get their pictures taken. Of course as you are taking one puppy's picture the others are digging in the dirt again! They love to have dirt on their noses. The puppies now weigh between 14 and 17 lbs (yes purple boy is the pup that weighs 17 lbs) and are quite uniform in their looks. We think they are all very beautiful puppies and they are all very sweet and friendly too! The puppies from top to bottom are red girl, pink girl, yellow girl, green boy and purple boy!

The puppies got to enjoy the outdoors today!

The puppies had a great day today. I don't know how it happens but right before your eyes the puppies turn into real little doggies and start to do everything that little doggies do! They are now officially chewing machines and love to pull on your pant legs. That is the best! The puppies from top to bottom are red girl, pink girl, yellow girl, green boy and purple boy.