Sunday, September 25, 2011

Puppies eating at 3 weeks!

The super 7 are three weeks old!

Well that week even went faster than the last ... and the puppies are three weeks old. They are so funny and are moving everywhere in the box, exploring, biting, playing, sitting, rolling, and giving kisses! We love the kisses. They are finding their voices and talk to each other. They are all so cute! Little girl is doing great and though she is still much littler than the others she is super sweet. Big boy blue is the biggest of the puppies, with green boy a close second. Next week will be a big week for them when they move out of their box and into an expanded world. They will also start to get visitors soon too. That should be much fun! Zoey is doing great and still is quite attached with the puppies.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The super 7 are two weeks old!

Wow how did that happen! Two weeks have flown by in a flash. Here they are - red girl, light blue girl, little girl, lime girl, black boy, green boy and BIG blue boy! Blue boy is one big puppy. They are all doing great. Eyes are open but they still don't hear too much. Shouldn't be too much longer now. They are super cute!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The eyes are almost open!

The puppies have little slits now for their eyes and they can likely 'see' some light. Over the next few days their eyes will completely open and then shortly after that their ears will open too and they will be able to see and hear! How exciting, the fun really begins once the puppies can see and hear, their personalities will start to shine!

The puppies are so funny and are starting to play with each other and to nibble on your fingers. They are very snuggly too and love to be held and patted. I can't believe how big they are. They are growing like weeds and are very chunky puppies!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The super 7 are eleven days old!

The puppies continue to be fabulous, they are growing and eating and playing a bit now, they are very happy puppies. The three boys are all very fat puppies and the girls are all girlie puppies. The size difference is quite apparent. The boys all have big boy heads and the girls all have pretty little girl heads. The girl puppies all have names now, they are Angelina, Olivia, Tian and Princess Dora! One of the boys is Tiger and the other two are still their color collars. Too cute. Their eyes are still not open but you can see tiny little slits so they are beginning, shouldn't be too many more days. They are also starting to walk a little now, but still mostly just crawl along the box.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The super 7 are one week old!

Wow that was a fast week. The puppies are doing great as is Zoey. The boys are now 1 kg in weight! Those are big puppies. They are all really sweet and enjoy to be cuddled! Zoey is a great mom and is taking care of everything. She goes in and out of the box now and leaves the puppies for longer periods of time, but they don't mind as they are mostly sleeping then. When they wake they make some noise and she goes back to them quickly. Very sweet!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The super 7 day five!

The puppies are doing great! They are growing fast and are happy chunky little puppies. The boys are getting bigger and bigger and all three boys are bigger than the girls. The little girl is growing fast too and is doing great. They are so cute!

Good Morning Puppies!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The super 7 day two!

The puppies and Zoey are doing great! They are all growing, eating and moving about in the box. They are very happy puppies and are snuggly with mom. Zoey is doing a great job and is enjoying her babies very much!

Here they are at 2 days old! They are too cute.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The puppies are here!!!!!

Zoey did a GREAT job and was a pro with her puppies. The first puppy was born at around 10 am this morning and the last was born at 3:00 pm. The last puppy was number 7 and our little surpise as we thought she was finished after number 6. We had even washed Zoey all up and changed the bedding and then the little puppy arrived. She is the smallest of the litter. The other six are all big puppies. We will be keeping an eye on our little puppy and hoping she will do well. So the final count is 3 big boys and 4 sweet girls. Fingers crossed that all continue to do well over the next few weeks! Zoey is tired and is sleeping now but she is being a good mom and is very happy with her babies!