Sunday, November 13, 2011

Annie and Talia 10 weeks old!

Well here are the two little girls. They are so cute! They really enjoy each other's company and are always together. They are total sweeties! Top two photos are of Talia (light blue girl) and next two are Annie (red girl). Too cute!

The monster truck and the puppies

We had quite a lot of fun today playing with a remote control little monster truck, the puppies thought that was some fun!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The puppies are off to their new homes!

Good luck to those sweet puppies now in their new homes. We hope that you will be loved and treasured throughout your little lives with lots of yummy puppy treats, with lots of love and attention and lots of training too! What a special bunch of puppies you are! We had such fun with this crew of puppies, beautiful looking, and so sweet and friendly. Couldn't have asked for a better litter of puppies. We love them all so much!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Puppies outside enjoying the day!

What a great day we had with the puppies. They got to explore around the house today and had much fun! Hailee had much fun too playing with all her new friends. She loves the puppies and is a very good big sister to them!

The puppies are saying hi!

Oh my what a bunch of cuties these little Leo puppies are! They are adorable. They love to say hi. You can see they are not so little anymore - they are now all over 20 lbs. Incredible how fast they grow. Too cute!