Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The puppies are two and a half weeks old!

The puppies are growing and growing and are doing great!  Their eyes are open and they can hear now and they are moving everywhere!  They are almost ready to move out of their box into a bigger room and many of them have mastered climbing over the door!  They are very interactive puppies who love to be snuggled!
Here are some photos of the crew getting some early socialization!

Friday, August 26, 2016

The puppies are 2 weeks old!

Wow it's hard to believe that the puppies are already two weeks old.  They are all doing great!  Their eyes are now almost completely opened, and so they are even cuter than before!  Their ears are still not completely open, but maybe they can hear a little.  They are walking now, or at least trying to, and even starting to play with each other, just a little!  They can make quite a lot of noise when they are hungry, but are still mostly sleeping and are very happy quiet puppies.  They have had their nails cut and have had extensive handling.  They are very snuggly puppies!  They are going to grow out of their box really quickly especially with how big Tia is and how fast they are growing!  But for the next few days will remain in their whelping box... though a few have escaped over the door already!  Teal continues to be a monster pup, weighing in at 1.5 Kg at 2 weeks old!  The others are all good sized too, but Teal is bigger than the rest!  Tia is a fantastic mom, she is very relaxed around them and now lets most of the other dogs near them without a care.  Hailee has been in the box with the puppies to check them all out, and soon will take over part of their care!!  Tia won't mind a bit when that happens!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Puppies are 10 days old!

The puppies continue to do very well with three of them, teal, purple and light pink girls all breaking the 1 kg mark!  The others are gaining well too, just not quite a big as the three big girls!  Tia is enjoying some time now out of her box, but is still being a fabulous mom to her puppies.  The puppies still cannot see or hear, but their eyes should be opening soon!  They are super sweet and cuddly puppies!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The puppies are one week old!

Wow one week has flown by since the puppies were born.  They are a totally adorable bunch of puppies and are all doing very well.  Eating and sleeping and getting lost in their box.  Well not really lost, but they go behind Tia and can't get back out and have already learned that if they make some noise someone will pick them up and move them.  Clever puppies.  Tia is doing really well too and is a wonderful mom to her puppies.  She's quite proud of herself and her crew. The puppies still cannot see or hear but already like to get snuggles!  Teal is the biggest puppy and midnight blue is the smallest one!  But that can change as they grow!

Monday, August 15, 2016

The puppies are all doing well! The girl's rule litter!

Well it looks like we have had several homes that have decided that they will pass on one of our sweet female puppies and wait for a male puppy, or look elsewhere.  This leaves us with a few female puppies available from our current litter.  If you are interested in one of our lovely female puppies from our Rocky and Tia litter please contact us.

The puppies are all doing fantastic and Tia continues to be an excellent mom to her puppies!  They are all growing and doing what four day old puppies do.  They are all adorable.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tia's puppies are here!

Wow what a day!  Tia's puppies arrived on Thursday, August 11 and it was a full day affair! Tia did a great job and so far the puppies are doing very well.  There are 11 beautiful puppies!  With 9 females and 2 males, oh my that's a lot of sweet female puppies!  The puppies are all very beautiful and all of them are a good size!

Tia and her beautiful litter - day 1.  Tia's being a wonderful mom to her puppies.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Puppies are coming very soon!

Well we have good news and bad news.  The good news is Tia is very pregnant and has many puppies.  They are due on August 12!  We are all set up for their arrival.  Tia is still feeling very well considering she is almost as big as a house!  She is huge!  The bad news is that Ruby did not have any puppies!  We will breed Ruby again next year and hopefully she will have a puppies with Ruby next.  We are on puppy watch... and will update when the puppies arrive!