Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy first birthday to the fabulous five!

We can't believe that it is already one year since the fabulous five were born. Sally sends a happy birthday wish to her brothers and sisters and hopes they got lots of tummy rubs and treats to celebrate the day! Priscilla sends her love to those sweet puppies that have grown into beautiful Leos over the last year. We wish you many more wonderful birthdays of love and happiness! Here are a couple of snap shots of Sally on her birthday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Double the trouble!

Well it seems that our dogs always have a best friend. They tend to go in pairs and are often matched with personality style, age and energy level. Well at this point we have a very unlikely pair of best friends. Sally has paired up with our lovely Mya (a Berner) and she follows Mya everywhere doing whatever Mya might be doing. Sally being the youngster looks up to Mya as if she was the BEST thing in the world! However, Mya is always trying to get herself into some trouble and now Sally is tagging along doing whatever Mya might be. Mya loves to bark, dig, roll and Sally is often found joining in that fun! They are also often found laying right next to each other with a pile of sticks to chew on. Too cute!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We are very sad - Holly has no puppies :-(

Well we do not have any good news. We did the ultrasound this morning on Holly and searched and searched for any chance of puppies and there was none. I don't know what we could have done differently as everything was perfect with the breeding. We are so sad and disappointed that this breeding didn't work, the puppies would have truly been amazing in every way....

So we have to look for the future and hopefully Priscilla will have some beautiful puppies later in the summer. We can't imagine a summer without the pitter-patter of lots of sweet puppies running and playing everywhere. More information coming soon on Priscilla's puppies.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holly's ultrasound appointment!

Well fingers crossed for Holly's ultrasound appointment which is set for Thursday morning at 9:20 am! That is exactly 4 weeks from when she was bred. We are so wishing for some puppies! We are so excited but nervous too! Here is a picture of Holly (left) and her daughter Lily. You can see how sweet they both are - they are too cute!

Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zoey is 22 months old!

Well look at this beauty too! Zoey is one fine looking Leonberger. Zoey (Wanderweg's Fairytale Princess) is also Priscilla's daughter, but her and Sally have a very different look. Zoey is a medium sized female but she is so very beautiful with wonderful movement and such a rich color and coat. Zoey is a busy dog and is always looking for something to do! She makes us laugh everyday! We think she is a treasure and love her to pieces!

Sally is 11 months old!

Well here she is our beautiful Sally (Wanderweg's Glitter Girl)! What a fine looking Leonberger puppy she is. It is hard to imagine though that little puppy just a few months ago has grown into this large beauty. These big dogs sure do grow fast. Sally is super sweet and is a very easy puppy, she loves to hang out, loves to say hi to anyone and just has a fine personality. She still has a lot of growing and filling in to do. We hope she will continue to mature nicely!

Sally finds a bug!

Sally is pictured here in deep concentration looking at a teeny tiny bug on the arm of the chair! She is very observant and watched that bug for quite some time! She didn't do anything with it just put her big nose on the end of the chair as if she wanted to say hi to that little bug! Too cute. You can see how much coat she has and how big she is for a puppy of only 11 months old. We love her! She is grand!

Sally and her best friend!

Well look at this puppy now! At 11 months old she has grown and grown and grown. So many people have been asking about Sally so I'll post some more pictures above too. She is doing great and is a very BIG girl. She is going to mature into a very large female and is already taller than any of our other female Leos! Sally is exceptionally sweet and is just a big teddy bear with all her long and fluffy coat. She is just a treasure and is growing very nicely. For those new to this blog, Sally is the pup we kept from our last litter. Her mom is Priscilla and her father is Mr. Magnus. We love her!

Best Friends!

These two old girls are the best of friends. Onya, who is also a veteran, is the closer Leo and she will be eight years old this summer. She is so beautiful and sweet and still looks and acts like a much younger dog! Kira is the other Leo in the picture. Onya is a puppy from our first Leo litter - wow - hard to believe it has nearly been eight years since our 'A' Leo litter was born. Kira and Onya are best friends and are always together. They have the best of everything and live like royalty!

Happy 10th birthday to Kira!

WOW a VERY happy birthday to the Grand Lady Kira who turned 10 years old a few days ago! She is doing great and is looking as beautiful as ever. Kira in her youth was an amazing show dog and obtained quite a number of group placements over her show career in the working group at CKC all breed shows. She was so beautiful then and is equally beautiful now! Kira is the grandmother to our lovely and amazingly beautiful Stella! We hope that Kira sees many more birthdays. What a special Leo girl she is! Hugs and kisses to all those veteran Leos out there who are more special than words could ever say!

Rangeley loves to pull!

What a great picture of Rangeley giving a sled ride to an adult and child at a sled dog event! He is a great working dog too and is going full force through the snow! Wow! Rangeley is a pup from Priscilla and Jefferson and is 20 months old in the photo. Incredible and looks like a lot of fun too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Jack loves to cart!

Wow what a great set of pictures of Jack with his cart! He looks so happy doing his draft work. We hope his puppies with Holly will have this working ability too! Carting is such a wonderful activity to do with your dog! Way to go Jack!

Are puppies coming?

Well we have very exciting news!!!! We have bred Holly with Jack (pictured above) three weeks ago and will find out if Holly is pregnant in one weeks time! We are very excited and have our fingers crossed. Jack, Ch. Starhaven's Black Pearl Cap'n, is a wonderful male Leonberger. He is a big boy with a beautiful head and coat and such a great personality too! He has done very well in the show ring and is also a great working dog too! We think that Jack and Holly will make very lovely puppies and can't wait to meet them. They surely will be adorable. If you would like more information on this litter please do contact us!

Fisher takes to the show ring!

Wanderweg's Great Adventure did a fantastic job at her first CKC all breed show. She is a lovely young puppy pictured here at 10 months old at her first dog show! We think she is simply stunning with such a beautiful coat and coloring for such a young dog. Watch for her as she starts her show career! Fisher is a puppy from Priscilla and Mr. Magnus.

Barr loves the snow!

Barr is a big beautiful male Leo, he is a puppy from Priscilla and Jefferson and just has the sweetest head and expression. He is around 20 months old in the photo. Barr LOVES to play in the snow, but with spring here he will have to wait until next year for more fun in the snow.

Caoimhe finishes her Canadian Championship!!!!

Huge congratulations to the most beautiful and delightful Leonberger Caoimhe, Ch. Wanderweg's Four Leaf Clover, or HRH for short for achieving her Canadian Championship. She is pictured at around 20 months old and is simply stunning, she is a puppy from Priscilla and Jefferson. We are so proud of her! Way to go Caoimhe!

Holly and Lily looking beautiful!

We had a photo day and took a few pictures of Holly and her daughter Lily. You can see how they are both looking very beautiful and are very similar in their looks. Both of them are so sweet too! Holly will be 5 years old in the middle of April and is the top photo and Lily just turned two years old!!!