Saturday, April 10, 2010

Double the trouble!

Well it seems that our dogs always have a best friend. They tend to go in pairs and are often matched with personality style, age and energy level. Well at this point we have a very unlikely pair of best friends. Sally has paired up with our lovely Mya (a Berner) and she follows Mya everywhere doing whatever Mya might be doing. Sally being the youngster looks up to Mya as if she was the BEST thing in the world! However, Mya is always trying to get herself into some trouble and now Sally is tagging along doing whatever Mya might be. Mya loves to bark, dig, roll and Sally is often found joining in that fun! They are also often found laying right next to each other with a pile of sticks to chew on. Too cute!

1 comment:

  1. Mya, my beautiful sister! It seems like we both enjoy doing the same things like bark, dig, chew on sticks and all that fun stuff!
    I like your new friend Sally, she looks really cute!

    brother Louie.