Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time to play!

Well here is that cute little puppy at six months of age! She is all full of herself and loves to play with sticks, well mostly she just likes to carry them around and then chew them up. She is such a funny puppy and very good too! Sally is very sweet natured and loves to be with us doing whatever we do. We are having much fun with her. The other puppies of the fabulous five are all doing great and growing well!

Sally and Priscilla!

Sally is now six months and is growing and growing but still has some growing to do to be as big as Priscilla. They are so cute together and Sally is always looking up to Priscilla and asking "can I be like you too?". She has to copy whatever Prissy is doing! Too cute. Sally has that major fluff on her head and already has a gigantic coat. She is almost, but not quite, as tall as the others now, but is still such a baby in so many ways!

We are really starting to search for males for our upcoming spring litters. We are VERY excited so stay tuned!