Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy birthday to Zoey and her littermates!

Well it is hard to believe that Zoey and all her brothers and sisters are TWO years old! Wow a big huge happy birthday to all!

Zoey is fantastic and had a very nice birthday! She got lots of doggie treats, a long walk, some tummy rubs and a nice bone to chew. What a great day! She also got a good brush and now has her summer look - she is very happy to have all that winter fur gone! Happy birthday to our beautiful girl!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wanderweg's Great Adventure wins Grp 4!

Wow we are SO excited to let you all know that the very beautiful Wanderweg's Great Adventure (Fisher) took a group 4 win today at the Avalon Kennel Club All Breed Show. We are so proud of this young female. She is one of the puppies of the fabulous five and was 'pink' girl so is Priscilla and Magnus's daughter and Sally's sister! I think she looks simply spectacular. At 13 months old we think she might be the youngest Leonberger to get a group placement ever in Canada! Very exciting. We also think she might be the first Leonberger in the 2010 show year to get a group placement too! Hooray - so very exciting. Here is a picture of her from ring side. The photo is a little grainy so we can't wait to get the real show photos. We will post them when we get them. Huge congratulations to Fisher's owner and her handler - you guys totally rock! Fantastic!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spectacular Sally is one year old!

Well our little baby is now a big girl and she is stunning. She loves to get her picture taken and is very happy to stand for the camera, of course there is always some cheese involved so that makes it much fun. Sally is really starting to fill out now, you can see the difference from just one month ago with her 11 month photos, she is really changing a lot each and every day. She has a very lovely coat and rich color and such a sweet face. She is a treasure! Happy birthday pretty Sally!

Brushing before the photo shoot!

Well we had planned to give Sally a bath today so we could take some nice photos of her on her one year birthday, but the weather was way too cool so we gave her a brush instead. Sally has an enormous coat! She has so much undercoat and it is just starting to come out. She loves to be brushed and you can see we had a lot of fun brushing her! She was as good as gold and is very patient with the kids. They love to get the brushes out and try to brush the dogs. They think it is quite funny! Too cute!