Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is she or isn't she?

Well we are almost 5 weeks from the day of the Priscilla and Lanta breeding and still are sitting on pins and needles wondering if Priscilla is pregnant! She is looking a little rounder and her hair is sticking out on the sides - always a good sign. She is also being a very picky eater and will only eat really yummy things like chicken or steak or maybe a little spaghetti and cheese (she loves spaghetti and cheese!) She is also being very lady like and isn't running and playing like her usual self so things are looking bright! We will know one way or the other pretty soon so fingers crossed!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 8th birthday Isaac!

Wow it is hard to believe that eight years have gone by since that beautiful bouncy Berner baby was born into our home. He was simply the cutest Berner puppy ever - pictured above at 7 weeks of age and also at 8 years of age! A long time ago and his birth still fills my eyes with tears as this beautiful boy had two lovely little sisters who didn't make it that day. A tragedy that still breaks my heart. We have found the hard way that breeding Berners is never easy. But this beautiful boy has filled his 'mom' with lots of love and they have taken such good care of him over the years. May he see many more birthdays!

Happy Birthday Isaac - hugs and kisses to you and your family!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't take my Stella!

Well you can see that my little helper is getting much bigger and is so happy to be walking Stella around the yard after her brush. She has the biggest smile on her face in the first and second photos and then that big helper isn't very helpful and comes and takes the dog and runs off with her! Now that is one unhappy little helper! "What happened to my Stella! Give her back to me!" she yells. Stella and my little helper are BEST friends and she did quickly get her dog back and all was well! Too funny!

The fur is flying!

Well the weather is so hot here and with hot weather comes the flying fur! We always get the question 'do they shed?' Well the short answer it yes and the long answer is yes! They shed a lot when they really blow their coats when the weather turns really hot. The best way to get the undercoat out is to give them a nice bath with good quality shampoo made for dogs and the blow them dry with a dryer. That really helps to loosen up the undercoat and then you can brush it all out.

So here is Stella in her summer attire and she is very happy to have all that fluffy undercoat out. Now this was just one brushing of her and she had already lost a LOT of fur before I got the brush out! Fur really does fly around here! But Stella is looking so very pretty and feeling great! We love Stella and think she is so beautiful!