Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Puppies had their first vaccinations!

The puppies had their first set of puppy shots on Tuesday and did a great job. They didn't mind the vaccination too much but never like the big needle for the microchip! That hurts! They all came through their puppy exams with flying colours.

They are such cute puppies - we love them all so much! Too cute they are!

Huxley's brother - the famous Huck!

Here is GCH Corleone's Hidden Agenda (Huck)! What a beauty this boy is, he is Huxley's brother and is pictured here winning Best of Breed at a Leonberger Specialty show in Gettysburg, PA, on Oct. 22, 2011. Huck has done really well in the show ring and is a Grand Champion in the US. He is a stunning Leonberger and looks so much like Huxley and his father the famous Gulliver!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Puppies enjoying the beautiful day!

Tired puppies are HAPPY puppies. Look how big we have grown. So cute!

The super 7 are seven weeks old!

Wow the puppies are growing now and are SO CUTE. They are adorable, friendly, happy puppies that love to bite on your pants legs, get hugs and kisses and maybe nibble on your nose. They have been enjoying a lot of outside time and are having much fun playing in the nice fall weather we have been having. We can't believe that seven weeks have already gone by and soon these little babies will be going to their new homes. Only a few more weeks!

Here they are from top to bottom: Light blue girl, Lime girl, Red girl, Yellow girl, Black boy, Blue boy and Green boy! Too cute!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to All

We hope all our Canadian friends and families had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are all full with food and had a great day. The puppies had a yummy feast too and are all filled up. Here are some photos from the beautiful fall day we had here in Nova Scotia. Wish the weather was always like it was the last three days.

The super 7 are five weeks old!

The puppies had a great weekend and got to venture outside! They loved that and are were chewing on some big pieces of fire wood. They are all doing great and are growing and growing! Look how they have changed in the one week! Here they are from top to bottom: Light blue girl, Lime girl, Red girl, Yellow girl, Black boy, Blue boy and Green boy! Too cute!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Green boy four weeks old!

Black boy four weeks old!

Blue boy four weeks old!

Light blue girl four weeks old!

Yellow girl four weeks old!

Lime girl four weeks old!

Red girl four weeks old!

The super 7 are four weeks old!

The puppies had a great week and moved from their puppy box to the family room and they love that! That have had some visitors now and are enjoying all the snuggles they are getting. The little girl is almost as big as the others now and is so cute! Big blue boy is still the biggest but green boy is almost the same size. They are all very sweet puppies!