Monday, December 21, 2009

Making a snow Angel!

Well winter is officially here and we have had our first real snowfall! Clearly not soon enough for the dogs as they are loving it. Here is a picture of Zoey trying hard to make a snow angel. She loves it! She finds the deepest snow, rolls on her back and there you go. When the snow is deep enough, she loves to bury herself in the snow too!

Out in the snow!

Here is Sally with Auntie Stella to the left and mom Priscilla to the right. So you see that Sally just fits in with the others now and at a glance it is hard to tell she is only 8 months old! She is like her mom in so many ways, but we also see a lot of her famous daddy Kinglords Mr Magnus in her too! Priscilla and Stella are both doing great too and are enjoying the beautiful snowy day.

Sally is almost 8 months old!

Sally is really growing up and is a big beautiful puppy. She is now just about a big as the others but is still very puppyish in her ways. She stole my mitten today and thought that was great fun running in the snow with the mitten in her mouth! You can see from the photos that Sally has a beautiful face and a huge coat! She is just a sweetie too!