Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 4th birthday to Stella and her littermates!

A big happy 4th birthday to those sweet puppies. We hope you are having a wonderful day! Stella has had a great day so far, she got to eat Priscilla's breakfast in addition to her own, she got to chew on a great big marrow bone, she got to clean the kids breakfast bowls and eat their leftover lunches, she got to get a birthday hat and have her picture taken and of course there is always cheese involved with that! In addition the weather is sunny and cool today - so she is loving that! We love Stella so much. She is a total sweetie and so beautiful too!

A very big happy birthday to our 'D' litter. We send our love and many extra tummy rubs!

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  1. Happy birthday Stella from Jasper! Jasper had a great day as well. Went to St. Martin's, walked in the woods, went to the beach and visited his "granny". He was snoring so loud last night from having such an exciting day!